What Famous Christians Say About Family and Marriage

What Famous Christians Say About Family and Marriage: 10 Quotes

Successful families go a long way toward becoming one.

We’ve gathered 10 quotes about a family from famous Christian ministers, authors, and theologians to better see the role of family and its importance from a Christian perspective.

“Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, and your children-no matter to whom you smile-it will help you to imbue more love for people.”
Mother Teresa (1910-1997), Catholic nun, founder of the Sisters of the Missionaries of Love, Nobel Peace Prize winner (1979).

“It saddens me to see churches becoming more like limited liability companies and ceasing to be like a family.”
Philip Yancey (b.1949), American Christian author and special assignments editor at Christianity today.

“Spread love wherever you go–primarily in your own home.”
Mother Teresa (1910-1997), Catholic nun, founder of the Sisters of the Missionaries of Love, Nobel Peace Prize winner (1979).

“The most beautiful and happy families are those in which the elders look back on a life lived and experience a longing too deep to cry; families in which memories envelop mature years in a light shroud of sunlight and the scent of spring air, and in these memories, no lowly things can penetrate; families in which brothers live side by side and soul to soul; in which all love their kin because all love God; in which each one holds his loved one dearer than his own well-being.”
Frederick William Farrar (1831 – 1903), Anglican theologian, writer, exegete, the preacher in Cambridge.

“God created marriage. It was not instituted by any government committee; no social organization developed it. Marriage was conceived and born in the mind of God.”
Max Lucado (b.1955), one of America’s most popular Christian writers

“Happy is he who is happy in his own home.”
Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910), one of Russia’s most famous writers and thinkers, one of the world’s greatest writers, educator, publicist, religious thinker.

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“We know people who love no one, and yet they turn out to be capable of loving their family. This is the most basic, the very first thing that God teaches us to love.”
Alexander Men (1935 – 1990), Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church, theologian, preacher, author of books.

“Why are people not saved even though they pray and fast a lot? Because they turn the lives of their neighbors into hell.”
Simeon of Athos (1866-1938), a monk of Russian origin in the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

“Nothing can bring the same sense of security to a home as true love.”
Billy Graham (born 1918), American religious and social activist and pastor of the Baptist Church. Member of the largest Baptist association in the world, the Southern Baptist Convention.

“Changes in families are as natural as the change of seasons in the year.”
John and Lisa Beaver, evangelists, preachers, and book authors.

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