Healing Testimony from Cancer

The Word of God brings forth a miracle

The Word of God placed in your spirit gives birth to the faith of God in your spirit that can produce a miracle of God in your life.

Sequence: Word-faith-miracle.

“who came to hear Him and to be healed of their diseases… and were healed.” (Luke 6:18)

My Testimony:

I want to testify about how this principle really worked in my life a few years ago. I was sick with chronic bronchitis (a consequence of my worldly life) and was coughing constantly. And I had already entered the pastoral ministry, and this disease was keeping me awake. And the doctors couldn’t help me. When I got sick of the sickness, I made a decision to get busy with the healing issue. I began to spend every day in the Word, where it was written about healing.

I read and pondered and filled myself with the Word. And a real faith in healing was born inside of me. I REALLY believed that GOD IS THE HEALER. The “mental faith” changed to a sincere and powerful faith in my spirit. In one of the retreats of that time, God prompted me to lay His hands on my bronchi. The power of God struck my lungs like electricity. After that, I stopped coughing. After a while, after making sure I was healed, I began to testify about it to others. Praise God!

I would also like to say that over the years, I experienced several attacks when the disease tried to come back. The symptoms kept coming back. But when I confronted the disease by faith, everything went away and the healing persisted. I learned that healing is not only important to accept, but also to be able to keep it. We accept and preserve healing by faith. And faith comes when God’s Word of healing dissolves in our spirit. Praise Jesus! He has not changed, He is still the same healer.

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