The miracle of the creation

The miracle of the creation of a new joint

Richard Roberts (son of Oral Roberts) shared a miracle he saw at his father’s ministry, with Oral himself having no faith that it could happen.

A little boy born without a hip joint, he was about my age. Dad read the prayer need and said to the woman, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have faith in a miracle.” The woman grabbed the microphone and said: “Brother Robert, I will not forgive you for having anything in you. You just pray and I will have faith!” He prayed and nothing seemed to happen. The boy left on crutches, wearing metal braces.

The next night, when we got to the tent, the boy was running and jumping around the stage already without any crutches. He wasn’t wearing braces! My dad came over and put his hand where his hip joint was missing. Overnight, God supernaturally created that joint.

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