Healing from Bone Cancer

Testimony of the Healing from Bone Cancer

We had to leave in the evening, so after a bit of talking, we laid our hands on Vladik and forbade cancer to be in his body.

When Natalya and I were passing through in the same city, our sister in the Lord, called us to pray for her great-grandson, Vladik. Vladik was 3 years old, had been diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg, and he was already limping! His parents had just returned from Moscow. They took him to see a professor who agreed to treat their son. But he did not give any guarantees. Vladik had to be put in a stretch for a year. The treatment cost a lot of money, they were going to sell the apartment and take their son for treatment!

When we arrived at Nina Mikhailovna’s, everyone was there, including Vladik. His parents and grandparents also came. In the evening we were to leave, so after a short talk, we put our hands on Vladik and forbade cancer to be in his body.

Vladik received, complete healing, there are two pictures, one with the sick leg, the other with the healed leg. Before the healing of Sergei, Vladik’s grandfather constantly resisted our communication with Nina Mikhailovna. But after the healing of his grandson, he treated us with respect and when we had twins, he bought a stroller for twins (he works as a driver on the intercity bus), brought it, and gave it to us as a sign of reconciliation!

Today Vladik is completely healed, his parents and Sergey and his wife accepted Christ! We are in regular contact with Nina through social networks, and we often see Sergey when he has another flight to our city.

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This healing brought the gospel into the family, God has reconciled Sergey and me, and made Vladik completely healthy!!!

The price was paid two thousand years ago! You don’t need to sell your apartment, lie stretched out for a year, and spend sleepless nights crying! Simple trust and a short prayer are enough to solve the problem! All glory, praise, and honor to our Lord for dying for us on the cross, and rising again for our justification!!!

There is not a single problem that our Lord could not solve! He paid a high price for us not to suffer anymore! He is willing to speak of His love, through healings and miracles! God has reconciled the whole world to Himself, we only need to go and tell about this joyful news, and God will accompany our words with miracles and signs!!!

Sergey, Omsk, Russia

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