Testimony of healing low vision

Testimony of healing low vision

When I was in high school, I was beaten up by one of my seniors.

My left eye was so swollen that I couldn’t open it. The swelling eventually went down, but my vision deteriorated. From the age of 18, everything seemed blurry. At 25, I wore glasses because I couldn’t see road signs when I was driving. Soon the vision in my right eye also began to deteriorate. Eventually, I relied on glasses for 25 years.

After I started attending Manmin Central Church, I saw many times that people received healing from various diseases. In 2015, I participated in a summer Retreat where ministers prayed for my healing. I prayed to God with all my heart, but my vision never got better. I decided that I would not despair and would continue to serve God. For three years I volunteered at every retreat. I became more responsible in my daily work.

In December 2017, we were getting ready to celebrate Christmas. During the holiday service, I was so excited that tears were flowing from my eyes. I kept wiping them away with tissues, but they just kept flowing and flowing. After greeting the senior pastor, I went to the morning service. The screen was a little blurry, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. During the Sunday evening service, everything looked even more blurry, and tears kept flowing down my face. I thought this was odd since I had just recently bought new glasses. Maybe I should get my eyesight checked again. I took off my glasses to wipe away my tears, and then I realized that I could see perfectly clearly.

The writing on the screen appeared clearly to my eyes. I put on and took off my glasses several times. There is no doubt that it was true that the words on the screen looked clearer without the glasses. My vision had improved!

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I went to the hospital to have my vision checked. If two months ago my result was 0.2/0.2, today it was 0.9/0.9! I unknowingly said: “Wow, my vision has improved!” Upon hearing this, the doctor said: “My vision is only getting worse.” He didn’t believe me.

However, I can safely say that my vision improved in an instant by the power of God Almighty! On the day of the healing, I even got rid of the ringing in my ears that I had suffered from for several years. I give all the thanks and glory to the God of love and power.

Sang Gen Lee, (age 49), Seoul, South Korea

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