Testimony of healing from kidney failure and alcoholism

Testimony of healing from kidney failure and alcoholism

In October 2015, an acquaintance brought me to Manmin Central Church.

Even though I registered as a member of the congregation, I just attended Sunday services, but I continued to drink and smoke when I went out.

In September 2016, I was seriously stricken with gout. At first, I turned to folk medicine, but my thumb turned black. Then I repented and began relying on God. I applied water from the Muan Spring to the sore part of my body and received prayer for the sick during each service.

After a few days, my injured toe bled. I repented of not living according to God’s Word and prayed even harder. To my surprise, the bleeding stopped, and pus came out with the blood. The wound healed quickly. After this testimony of God’s power, I decided to quit drinking and smoking. But the decision alone was not enough, I soon returned to my old habits.

In August 2017, I started having stomach problems and couldn’t eat properly. One day I just collapsed in the middle of the room and passed out. My wife had died a long time ago, and my kids were living abroad, so no one was around. Miraculously, my neighbor came by to see if I was okay since I wasn’t answering the phone. Thanks to him I was rushed to the hospital. I developed ascites and was diagnosed with renal failure. I was immediately transferred to the ICU.

The doctor said I didn’t have many days to live. Because of alcoholism, my liver was severely damaged and was unable to perform its function, and my kidneys were only working at 10%. I was immediately put on dialysis.

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Fortunately, the person who brought me to Manmin Church sent a prayer request to the congregation. Soon, despite all the doctors’ predictions, my liver and kidneys recovered and I was transferred from the ICU to the general ward.

After my parish pastor came and prayed for me, the pain immediately went away. Every other day I had to go on dialysis for five hours at a time. After praying again for healing, my kidneys started working as they should. After a month, I no longer needed dialysis and my liver somatic index was almost normal. I was soon discharged.

Even more surprisingly, the third day after I left the hospital, my appetite returned to me and I could digest my food well, although before I couldn’t eat at all. I was recovering quickly. I got rid of my alcoholism and quit smoking completely.

Now I am healthy and weigh 65 kg. Without the grace of the Lord, I would just die without being saved. I give all thanks and glory to God who saved me.

Ken Chul Kim (71), Seoul, South Korea

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