Testimony of Healing of HIV

Testimony of Healing from HIV

I was born in 1974 in Cameroon (Africa) and now live in Russia in Ivanovo.

When I came here to Russia in 1994 to study, doctors took blood from me (as from all foreigners) to detect the presence of HIV and other infectious diseases. A month later I received a call and was picked up from the university where I was studying Russian at the preparatory faculty. They told me that I had a questionable (positive) result and that I needed to check it further. I went and gave blood again and a week later I received a call and was told that I was HIV positive.

It was necessary to send my blood to Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod for analysis and to conduct another test in Ivanovo to issue such a verdict. Everywhere twice (in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and Ivanovo) my blood test gave a positive result (i.e. I took another 6 blood tests). I was HIV-positive and was offered to go back to my home (to Cameroon).

I bought a ticket and prepared to leave, but my friends came and offered me to have another test. And before that, a church pastor came to the hospital where I lay waiting for my deportation. His name is Mark Leonard and he is an American. He prayed for me with the simplest and shortest prayer: “Lord, heal him in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!” And he left, and I went to bed.

And at 12 o’clock in the morning, I woke up because it seemed to me that something was lighting my room. And I heard a voice: “I have glorified My Name, and I will glorify Him again! I fell asleep and woke up in the morning with the certainty that I was completely healed. You should understand that before that doctors completely examined me from all sides and told me that I will live a maximum of 5 years and then die. At me already then all lymph nodes were enlarged and inflamed, the disease spread all over my body. And after the prayer we went to Moscow, I did a blood test, and (Thank God!) got a “negative” result. I went back to Ivanovo, again took a blood test, and also got a “negative” result. The chief physician of the Ivanovo region did not believe this result and decided to take a ride to Moscow personally with me in his service car (black “Volga”). We came to Moscow, he himself took the blood and put it on the test. We waited 4 hours to go through some irreversible processes. And only after he made sure that the blood test results could not be changed, we returned to Ivanovo.

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He could not believe in any way that the blood of a week ago an HIV-positive person could be completely healthy. And a week later I was told that he slept without believing that the results came “negative”. Once again he anonymously sent blood to Nizhniy Novgorod, but the results came “negative. And then the doctors decided. That I will donate blood every week to see how the disease will return. But I am healed and still healthy! I got married, we have 5 children, all are healthy and everything is good! The only thing that reminds me about my former disease is when I every time come to the blood transfusion station to donate blood for those who need it, I am refused, saying that I am still on the blacklist. And so everything is good! God is glorified, God is glorified and all praise to Him! Amen!

Ge Landry Ikong Yetna

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