Testimony of a Great Miracle

Testimony of a Great Miracle at a Service

I love this testimony. A great miracle happened in one of the healing services.

“According to your faith let it be to you!” Perhaps this will help you.

One girl had a hump on her back, her hips were turned sideways, she was limping and dragging one leg behind her. It was from the day she was born. Every day she was in great pain. The girl told God that she no longer believed in healing because many people had prayed for her over and over again and nothing had happened.

At one service, she sat and cried out of hopelessness. The man of God taught that we can join his faith, agree with him, and receive our miracle that way.

The girl said to the Lord, “I join the faith of this minister who is now ministering. I will come and ask him to lay his hands on me.”

She approached the minister and at the same moment there was a crunch of bones and her hump straightened, all the bones fell into place and the girl was completely healed. She began to run around the church and praise God.

It can happen to any of you if you believe.

Dimitri Leo

Published at imbf.org

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