Testimony of a new heart

Testimony of a child receiving a new heart

Testimony of a child receiving a new heart in a ministry by the word of knowledge!

All things are possible to God!

There was a special miracle. It took a nine-year-old boy 12 hours by bus to get to the meeting place. I was so touched by that. He had no money and had to sell plants to earn money for the trip. When he got to the capital, he was robbed.

He was on his way to the meeting because he needed a heart transplant. He told his mother, “I’ll get my miracle when I get there in the capital.” Unfit people robbed him, but he didn’t give up. Came to that faith meeting. Pastor Douglas said a word of knowledge, “There is a child whose heart is healed.”

At that moment the boy felt a fever in his heart and said: “Mother, I am healed.” The tumor was gone! Now he was doing things he couldn’t do before! He had faith.

When the glory of God came down he felt a fever in his chest. After that, he was examined by as many as 20 doctors and they confirmed it!

The doctor said: “I checked his heart. There was no arrhythmia or murmurs. I used a device that measures blood oxygen levels. He has 98 percent oxygen. Everything is fine.”

If God had done nothing else in that ministry, that would have been enough.

A new heart!

“Son look in that cell, and tell me why you’re crying,” the preacher asked. “Because God healed my heart.”

He got a whole new heart!

Source: Guillermo Maldonado’s interview on “It’s Supernatural”

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