Jesus healed from hepatitis C

Dear friends, the Lord has put it in my heart to share a vivid testimony that happened to me personally.

Help me spread it so that the whole world may know and the name of the Lord may be glorified! The faith of those who need it now to fight the disease has also been strengthened.

In 1998, I had a stomach tumour and it was growing rapidly, so I had to have surgery. I urgently needed donors, but my blood is rare and at the blood transfusion station, my blood was not in the right amount. And some donor decided to help me. So I was infected with hepatitis C. A lot of people know that hepatitis isn’t easy to cure, especially at that time. You can keep your body medicated, but it’s a slow death.

On April 1, I would have turned 17 years old and been hugged by this terrible virus, but I was healed by God! Before that, I had heard from a man that God had healed him from hepatitis B and C. I clung to his testimony and said to myself: “I believe that the Lord will heal me too. I believed and proclaimed my healing, and the church put me on the prayer list as “for complete healing. I was shy to say about this disease, but the Lord knew exactly what was troubling me.

They prayed for me for just over a year, maybe God healed me before, but I only found out about it when I took all the tests. The doctor was perplexed, and she did not want to agree with me that I had been healed by the Lord. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I wasn’t without God. She forced me to take another test, which finally dispelled her doubts. The test came back negative. The doctor who didn’t want to agree with me said “thank God” a few times. I’d been off the books for good.

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My faith helped me overcome the disease, but God revealed to me that faith without works is dead. And I clearly saw myself in prayer service and at home, kneeling down, praying with tears in my eyes for the healing of others. I realized that when I prayed for others, the Lord was healing me. The words that came to my mind were: “When we do for God, God does for us!”

Today I serve God, I serve in hospital service, I bear the word of God, I say that Jesus Christ is the only Savior, that He came to this earth and suffered for us, that we have eternal life.

There is always a way out of any difficulty in life. God can fundamentally change a person’s life. Trust your Lord, let your faith be strengthened. I wish God to bless you all!

Tatyana Strueva

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