Instant healing of two people in wheelchairs

Instant healing of two people in wheelchairs

Interesting testimony of instant healing on Azusa Street during the famous revival.

God performed this miracle using Brother Ralph.

Two people, a husband, and wife arrived in wheelchairs pushed by their teenage child. Both of them looked sickly from pneumonia or a bad cold.

Brother Ralph approached them and asked, “Did you come here today in faith that God will heal you?” The man replied, “Yes.” Riggs began to pray for them, but suddenly stopped when he remembered “Carney’s Rule.”  He said to himself, “Sister Carney didn’t allow me to do that,” and he put the footstool down before he prayed.

Now it was up to God to perform the miracle.  Riggs stood between the couple, placed his hands on their headboard, and prayed, commanding them to be healed in Jesus’ name.  They were both running a high fever and the first thing Riggs noticed was that the fever had gone down.

A moment later the woman began to shake and soon she was up and running.  The man simply stood up, raising his hands and shouting at the top of his voice, “Thank You, God; thank You, God.”

God healed them instantly!

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