How to Explain the Gospel to Children in 10 Words

How to Explain the Gospel to Children in 10 Words

Why is it so hard for us to share the Gospel with our children?

Sometimes it can be scary to start, and sometimes we just don’t know how or what to talk about. Here are three tips and one method that will make it easier.

  1. Keep it simple. The gist of the gospel is actually quite simple, but we tend to complicate it. You don’t have to.
  2. Don’t get distracted. It’s much easier to run through the pages of the Bible in passing, as children like to do. But the gospel is too important, so focus.
  3. Study and practice. There are many ways to share the gospel with children. Picture Bibles, cartoons, computer programs. They are all effective. Learn one and use it!

Or try telling the gospel in 10 words. Of course, there may be more, but 10 is the necessary minimum:

God loves (keep your arms outstretched in front of you)

  • God loves us and wants to communicate with us;
  • God wants us to be part of His family and eventually live with Him forever in heaven.

We sin (left arm outstretched to the side. Right arm outstretched in front of us):

  • But we sin;
  • The punishment for sin is death (separation from God…severed relationship).

Jesus died (both arms outstretched to the side):

  • Jesus took our punishment for us by dying on the cross.

God forgives (right hand outstretched back in front of us. Left hand looking away):

  • Our sins can be forgiven because Jesus died for us;
  • The Bible calls it a gift (forgiveness and the ability to have a relationship with God).
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We accept (bringing both hands together in front of us, as in the beginning):

  • The gift must be accepted, only then will it become ours;
  • The Bible says we accept God’s gift through believing in our hearts that Jesus died for us and accepting His forgiveness for our sins;
  • You can do this by praying and telling God that you believe and that you want His forgiveness.

Based on Children’s Ministry Leader material

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