Healing Testimony from Pancreatitis

Healing Testimony from Pancreatitis

It’s hard to remember what happened to me just a few months ago.

I am 30 years old, my daughter was 2.5 months old at the time when I was in trouble. On April 5, 2013, I went to the hospital with the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. For 2 days they put me on drips and took off the attack, but nothing helped. In the Annunciation, I had an anaphylactic shock and had an operation. I was diagnosed with pancreatic necrosis.

My relatives were warned that there was only a 10% probability that I would stay alive. A day on artificial ventilation of the lungs, 7 days in the intensive care unit, a cut abdomen, and 6 protruding tubes on the sides. I thought that’s it! But God helped me and allowed me to live and raise my baby. 4 months in hospital – 4 months of prayers and hopes. I know that many people prayed for me. Thank you to everyone who was there and supported us all this time. At that moment my husband and dad left my daughter and me, which was also very hard to bear.

Thank God for the strength that you gave me. For the fact that every day allowed me to wake up and see the sun and understand that I am alive! For 6 months now I am at home, next to my daughter. My daddy is very missing, but I hope that God will reason with him and he will come to his senses. I have forgiven him everything, the main thing is that everyone is together!

Such a miracle happened to me. God give health to everyone who is sick and, of course, quick healing! Never lose faith in God, he hears our prayers and helps us!!!

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